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Benefits Identification

The phrase “begin with the end in mind” couldn’t be truer than when we look at the success of an organisation’s investment in change activity. Identification of benefits and the realisation of value resulting from change activity, in whatever form that value takes, is the primary measure of success, not the delivery of the change [...]

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Stories – Think Piece

Memory is one of the prime enablers of change. For instance, if we can remember what we need to do differently and why it is important, then it is far more likely that we’ll actually behave differently. Memory is the driver of action and yet at the same time our memory is fallible. Why do [...]

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Claiming success

You wouldn’t celebrate winning a race before crossing the finish line would you, so why do it when you’re running a change programme?  The simple fact is that many companies do exactly that.  Companies undertaking change programmes all too often make the mistake of thinking that the change is complete when; the new organisational design [...]

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