Belay Are Change and Transformation Experts With a Clear Aim; to Simplify the Complexity of Change and Enable Organisations to Transform Faster and Realise More Value From Their Projects.

About Belay

70% of change and transformation projects fail to achieve their stated objectives. Many businesses are stuck in what seems to be an endless loop of ‘not another change’ programme. Join our list of successful clients and break free of this loop, drive real value and deliver lasting change with a new approach. Belay enable you to get more value from your change and transformation projects by utilising three key strategies:


Why Belay

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Change Ready

Give your people the knowledge, confidence and resilience to excel – even when things get tough. True change is never easy so we focus on making sure that you have a high performing team motivated to achieve your vision. It is a truism to say that ‘the only constant is change’ therefore, increasing organisational resilience and agility are vital characteristics for sustained success. Our change ready services enable you to deal effectively with the immediate priorities whilst building an increased capability to deal with future challenges.

Simplifying Complexity

Most people struggle to juggle 3 lots of inter-dependent variables in their head. Change projects often have 10s of variables and many of those have multiple relationships. It is simply mind blowing – and beyond the capability of spreadsheet-based tools. Our cloud-based ADVAL service simplifies this complexity by allowing you to understand and model project performance and visualise multiple scenarios. Our experience of running many (many!) change indicatives allows you to identify critical nodes and timings in your change portfolios and helps you make the right decisions at the right time; and get the right results.

Visible Results

Demonstrate the real value of your projects with clear information dashboards, linked to your performance. Our benefits realisation service supports your programme from cradle to grave. Using our toolsets and management dashboards, we support and train your team to track, manage and handover benefits successfully at each stage and view the resultant changes through our analytics platform.


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