Our ADVAL tool delivers the capability to track, manage and impact assess your benefits interactively, through the life of your programme. With our unique system, we provide dashboards for your benefits, linked to your projects and programmes and allow you to assess the impact of project change requests on your benefit profiles. This is the first interactive benefits map available for you, linked to your projects, programmes and operational systems, but without the need to procure expensive end to end systems you never fully use.


Our unique Return on Investment (ROI) system is built on the successful ADVAL toolset and allows businesses to track and manage the ROI of their suppliers delivering change projects and programmes. We enable you to rate and score your suppliers on multiple categories to better inform your Preferred Suppliers’ List (PSL), improving performance within your business and giving you more for less.


Your project portfolio normally has multiple projects at various stages of the lifecycle. In Belay we have noticed that benefits tend to be forgotten in the focus on cost and schedule delivery of projects which is why we developed our ADVAL tool. We have now incorporated a new tool into our platform, which supports the traceability of the Assurance activities leading to the sanction / stage gates of projects.

Our Stage gate toolset delivers a dashboard enabling you to view your entire portfolio, through whichever part of the project lifecycle they happen to be, and shows you where the risk to successful progress through that Gate will be ahead of time. No more surprises when trying to approve £multi-million projects; you will be able to address key concerns and issues before your governance boards.


In the same approach as our project Stage Gate toolset, we recognised a need in the highly regulated industries such as Nuclear and Pharmaceutical, there is a need to manage the Assurance activities and actions related to Safety Cases.

Our toolset delivers a management dashboard and interactive traceability between the safety case and the assurance reviews and audits held upon it. Management of actions, closure and successful submission of all or stages of the safety case are made visible to management, with drill down capability to identify the root cause of key issues.


Belay are experts in design of transformation programmes, with our key driver being to support the client in making the complex interdependencies between the projects and the business units as simple as possible. Where required, we can also support clients with Programme Management and Benefits Management, our aim always being to deliver the most value to the client and ‘more for less’.