It is a truism to say that ‘the only constant is change’ therefore, increasing organisational resilience and agility are vital characteristics for sustained success. Our change ready services enable you to deal effectively with the immediate priorities whilst building an increased capability to deal with future challenges. For any change, we make sure that you can improve your speed of adoption, get the desired return on investment and identify and avoid unnecessary impacts on productivity. Our support runs from idea conception until the new ways of working are adopted as the ‘new normal’.

Our services include:

Goal Alignment – Based on Appreciative Inquiry methodology this performs the critical step of making sure that your leadership team have the same understanding of what needs to be achieved. It increases the likelihood of achieving your desired benefits.

Change Assessment and PlanningThis reduces the risk of failure by using organisational diagnostic tools such as Prosci and Barrett’s Culture Transformation Tools to determine the required resources and approach.

Building Your Change CapabilityThis provides the knowledge, skills and confidence for your leaders and colleagues to make effective changes to meet today’s challenges – and tomorrow’s. Our Change Leadership development programme and Resilience Workshops….


If achieving organisational change is like climbing, then the first thing is to pick the mountain and decide where you want to get to; it doesn’t always have to be the summit.

Change research repeatedly shows that if an initiative does not have a clear goal that is shared by all senior leaders/managers, then it is likely to fail – at least to some degree. We use a variety of proven techniques, such as Appreciative Inquiry, and different formats and tools to build a common view of what the change entails and what it is expected to achieve.

We use take account of the visual, auditory and tactile (kinesthetic) preferences that people have in processing information and also take account of individuals introvert and extrovert tendencies. In short, everyone can feel confident that have contributed their knowledge and experience and that the goal is tight for the organisation and that they can champion it to their teams.


Once you have decided which change ‘mountain’ to climb you need to plan your route. Changes are rarely straightforward but with astute assessment and careful planning you can avoid many pitfalls.

We provide organisational level assessments to understand the extant culture and systems in order to assess the whole impact of any proposals and to inform the approach and resources needed for your change.

It is virtually impossible to self-diagnose organisational culture effectively. It needs an outside perspective to provide the right challenge to enable you to see new routes or even new destinations for your planned changes. “We know what we are, but know not what we may be.” William Shakespeare
We use proven tools such as Barrett’s Cultural Values Assessment and Prosci change assessments combined with our own extensive knowledge to provide an insightful, bespoke view of the likely challenges and how to avoid them.


Psychometric testing to better understand how your teams and individuals work and get the best out of them. Belay can do this with either DISC or Insights, dependent on your preference.

Belay are trained and qualified Prosci Change Management Practitioners and use Prosci to assess the change impact of your team and the organisation. The Prosci Business Impact Assessments are based on 25 years of science and research and thousands of examples of success around the globe.

Belay use the Engage coaching model as the third and final toolset to assess and measure change across your team or organisation. While Psychometric testing looks at your people’s personality preferences and Prosci assesses the risk from complexity and impact of change, the Engage model is state based and measures feelings and behaviours. It is based on 10 years of empirical evidence and allows you to accurately measure your Return on Investment over the change programme.


We take a whole system approach to improving the leadership of change. We identify what’s needed at an organisational level to make change work and we give leaders the knowledge and insights they need to be able to make sure that they can properly support their teams through each stage of the change journey.

We recognise that many people will be cynical of any changes or that there might be ‘change fatigue’ and we therefore give leaders the tools and confidence to be able to deal with these situations. Knowledge is nothing without the ability to apply it and we therefore focus on individual development.

A leader can only be truly effective if they understand themselves and their relative strengths. Our development programme provides the opportunity for individuals to grow their self-awareness, their personal effectiveness and confidence in dealing with organisational change


Our resilience workshops are designed to support and enable your teams to better understand and manage stress.

This helps with multiple aspects of their performance and we are primarily focused on how it helps manage change.

In the workshop we ask the question “what makes a good day at work?”. During the course of the day we will:

• Discuss the concept of thriving at work – what does having a good day look and feel like for both the individual and the team?

• Identify the conditions that help individuals and teams to thrive and have a good day, and the stressors that prevent it

• Define the relationships between pressure, stress and performance

• Recognise how stress shows up in our behaviours, our emotions and our physical and mental health, enabling us to recognise the signs in ourselves and in each other

• Define resilience and break it down into different elements that individuals and teams can work on

• Identify and use tools and strategies that will help build and maintain individual and team resilience and to manage, mitigate or remove key stressors