To deliver confidence to the customer and stakeholders that all requirements
are satisfied and traceable to outcomes throughout a significant change programme.


The confidence of the traceability was required within 3 months
of the start of the programme, in order to gain Board level approval of the change programme.


A software solution tracing 739 individual root causes, through 14 Themes, 5 work streams, 21 projects and a plethora of deliverables, to 5 specific outcomes. All outcomes need to be met to meet the programme vision statement.

Each of the root cause solutions had to be interrogated separately and stakeholders required the capability to view the date at which the root causes would be solved. As each root cause was solved through a ‘many to many’ relationship and not by a single deliverable, a solution was required that gave up to date information to stakeholders without an army of people inputting data and updating links.


In most cases, a solution would have been based on a very manual solution, using updates of spread sheets and PowerPoint slides. Belay used their experience and expertise in benefits management and Decision Support, to design a solution that delivered the required confidence to the stakeholders and the customer. The client project management team was then trained in the use of tool and once the handover was complete, they had full ownership of the solution.

The easy to use system has a user interface that allows simple visualisation of a large amount of complex data. This solution enables visualisation of the ‘Golden Thread’ from requirement, to project, to outcome and through to bankable benefits.


The client is able to demonstrate traceability from requirement / root cause through to projects and outcomes to stakeholders at any time. They are able to carry out impact analysis quickly and easily to understand what the effect on business outcomes may be of any delay to a project or product.

The client is able to analyse scenarios and understand which products / projects are a priority, or make management decisions based on decision support information from accurate data.